Signature Programme

The Signature Programme was established under the Safer Journeys Action Plan to enable and facilitate the implementation of projects that are ambitious, innovative, and apply the Safe System principles and approach with the aim of reducing deaths, serious injuries, or the risks of these occurring.

Safe System Approach (source: NZ Transport Agency)

The Kinnect Group, together with Dovetail Consulting, were initially engaged in 2015 to develop the Signature Programme evaluation framework. Subsequently, our combined teams were contracted to conduct the evaluation during 2016-2018. The evaluation will determine the extent to which the Signature Programme is meeting its objectives, and capture learning from innovation and emerging principles of practice to inform future sites of innovation and new approaches to business-as-usual.

The evaluation integrates monitoring and engagement at project level with a learning system at programme level. It draws together existing monitoring data and analysis of road safety data, together with regular engagement with project teams and national stakeholders, and documents evaluative learning through annual reporting cycles.

Currently three independent initiatives are being delivered under the auspices of the Signature Programme, in different areas of New Zealand:

  • Behind the Wheel (a community action pathfinder project for the wider High Risk Young Drivers programme, based in Māngere, to support safer driving through improved progression through the Graduated Drivers’ Licensing Scheme)
  • Future Streets (a controlled intervention study to support safe travel across all transport modes, also based in Māngere)
  • Visiting Drivers (a road safety programme targeting visitors to New Zealand, based primarily in Otago, Southland and the West Coast)

For more information on the Signature Programme, the Safe System approach, and the three projects, see: