The Kinnect Group is a professional cluster of four highly experienced evaluation consultants

Judy Oakden, Kate McKegg, Nan Wehipeihana and Julian King.

Meet Our Team

Judy Oakden

Kate McKegg

Nan Wehipeihana

Julian King

How We Work With You


Our name is no accident. The kin in Kinnect signifies the importance we place on relationships with each other and our families. The kin in Kinnect is also about the connections and trusted relationships we build with others.


Because we’re in it for the long haul, quality really matters. Real quality comes not only from rigorous systems and processes, but our deep knowledge base and our commitment to each other and to the work. This gives us courage and tenacity to grapple with the hard stuff.


The world doesn’t stand still. Neither can we. Staying at the forefront of evaluation practice enables us to challenge, innovate, create and deliver high quality evaluation.


Projects come and go, but their impacts endure. We care deeply about leaving our clients and their communities better off. Our contribution to your legacy is clear and honest advice based on the best available evidence.