Judy Oakden

Judy shares a passion for finding better ways to help people navigate complexity and deal with the frustrating and seemingly intractable issues they face on a daily basis. Judy provides access to methods and expertise to help:

– explore how the systems of interest are operating
– identify the places where leverage may be possible
– to determine wise courses of action.

Judy has held management roles in evaluation, market research and management consulting, and also worked in public relations. Since the mid 1980’s her clients have been from government, fast moving consumer goods, media, finance and the business-to-business sectors in both Wellington and the UK. While in the UK Judy managed large scale multi-country projects and contracted research from agencies in Europe, Asia and the US.

Responsive, flexible and collaborative ways of working characterise Judy’s approach to meeting client needs. Judy understands how to use complexity and systems thinking to add value to her work. Judy is regularly invited to work in cross cultural contexts and is committed to assisting clients to work effectively with other cultures.

Examples of Judy's work and writing