Kate Mckegg

Kate’s evaluation experience spans 20 years, working with people and organisations in the public, not for profit and philanthropic sectors.  She has specialist skills helping organisations develop evaluation systems and frameworks, undertaking policy and programme evaluation, applying evaluative thinking in complex and innovative settings, building evaluation capacity, training and facilitation.

Kate is a founding member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA), serving as a board member from 2006–2010, Convenor from 2008–2010, and again from 2014–2016. During her leadership tenure, she has spearheaded and overseen the development of national competencies and standards for evaluation.  She is also a member of the American and Canadian Evaluation Association.

Kate is co-editor of New Zealand’s only evaluation text, Evaluating Policy and Practice, a New Zealand Reader (2003), and more recently with Michael Quinn Patton and Nan Wehipeihana co-edited Developmental Evaluation: Real World Applications, Adapted Tools, Questions Answered, Emergent Issues, Lessons Learned, and Essential Principles, (2015).

Along with Nan Wehipeihana, Kataraina Pipi and Veronica Thompson she is also a recipient of the Australasian Evaluation Society 2013 Best Evaluation Policy and Systems Award for the He Oranga Poutama Developmental Evaluation.

Examples of Kate’s work and writing