Continuing the Journey to Reposition Culture and Cultural Context in Evaluation Theory and Practice

Stafford Hood, Rodney Hopson and Henry Frierson (Editors)

Continuing-the-Journey-coverCongratulations to the editors and contributors to this new book on Culturally Responsive Evaluation (CRE). released earlier this year.  This book builds on an earlier publication The Role of Culture and Cultural Context in Evaluation: A Mandate for Inclusion, the Discovery of Truth and greatly adds to our knowledge, insights and understanding of the theory, understanding and application of CRE. The book is divided into four sections; section 1 discusses CRE; section 2 presents evaluators’ journeys of introspection and self-exploration; section 3 provides examples of the application of CRE in global and indigenous school contexts; and section 4 outlines culturally specific methods, approaches, and ecologies.

New Zealand evaluators  have contributed 4 chapters to this book.

  • Peeling Open the Kiwi: Reterritorializing (Pākehā/White) Evaluation in Aotearoa New Zealand, Rae Torrie, Mathea Roorda, Robin Peace, Mark Dalgety, and Robyn Bailey.
  • Beginning a Conversation About Spirituality in Māori and Pasifika Evaluation, Vivienne Kennedy, Fiona Cram, Kirimatao Paipa, Kataraina Pipi, Maria Baker, Laurie Porima, Pale Sauni and Clark Tuagalu.
  • Being Culturally Responsive Through Kaupapa Māori Evaluation, Fiona Cram, Vivienne Kennedy, Kirimatao Paipa, Kataraina Pipi, and Nan Wehipeihana.
  • Culturally Responsive Methods for Family Centered Evaluation, Kirimatao Paipa, Fiona Cram, Vivienne Kennedy, and Kataraina Pipi.

You can purchase both books from Information Age Publishing.