Michael Quinn Patton

Michael Quinn Patton, Kate McKegg and Nan Wehipeihana are the editors of an upcoming book on Developmental Evaluation (DE) Exemplars.

The book presents the current state of the art and practice of DE through 12 case exemplars. It also answers common questions about DE, presents a synthesis of patterns, themes, insights and lessons drawn from the case studies, and, for the first time, identifies and explains the essential guiding principles of Developmental Evaluation.

The 12 case exemplars include examples from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, as well as an international initiative working in Africa and South America, and the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict working worldwide. The innovations evaluated include sustainable agricultural development, poverty reduction, education, community-based arts, supports to homeless youth, health, early childhood systems change, access to college, preventing conflict, and reconciliation among people in areas of conflict. There are local community-based initiatives, programs in indigenous communities, national efforts at systems change, and a global network. Cases include innovations undertaken by philanthropic foundations, nonprofit agencies, international organizations, universities, community-based organizations, and government reform initiatives.

Michael, Kate and Nan have shared some initial insights on AEA365 |A Tip-a-Day gained by reviewing the reflective practice experiences of DE practitioners.

The book is being published by Guilford Press and is due for release in September 2015.